Baner citizens describe the projects they have suggested in the Participatory Budget process of 2008 - Interview by students of Political Science, University of Pune

This citizens group in Baner has taken up challenge of plantation on Baner hillside. Since 2006, the group has done shramdaan and contributed funds to create continuous contour trenches and tree plantation. Every Sunday, over 60 to 70 citizens gather at 7 am for a clean-up campaign. From 8 to 10 am they coordinate the soil and water conservation work, tree plantation before and during the monsoons, watering and maintenance of the saplings etc. The group has also taken up bird watching and nature education sessions for schools in the neighbourhood. Recently, a group of employees from Symantec has joined the Sunday work.

The group is working to improve solid waste management in Baner. They are identifying common amenity spaces such as the plot next to Wazwan, that can be used for landscaping, common composting, materials reprocessing etc.

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