The immigration bill being hammered out right now in the Senate includes a provision to raise the yearly limit on H-1B visas from 65,000 to 115,000, with a built-in escalator which allows for up to 185,000 visas as the market allows.

While tech employers and their advocates would be happy with this provision, they are loath to stand behind a bill that they argue doesn't do enough to compensate for a shortage of skilled workers. Instead, they feel it will make it more difficult to hire qualified technology professionals from overseas, mostly because of a recent amendment passed by the Senate that has the potential to greatly increase the fees employers pay for each H-1B visa petition.

Furthermore, tech employers argue that putting obstacles in the path of U.S. companies who wish to hire foreign workers will only encourage the most competitive foreign talent to go to other countries that put out a more welcoming mat.


Tech Employers: Immigration Bill Is Not the Answer

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