Think as is you are just planning to leave your home for office or some tour. You just checked Pune Traffic page of this wiki to know that road you was planning to go has traffic jam. Wow!!! Is it really possible?

Yes. Its possible if all of twitter users like us take part in to this initiative. We just have to keep twitting about all happening in Pune on twitter and all related twits will be shown on various pages of this Wiki. E.g. if all of us twitter about traffic congestion we faced while traveling in pune, it will be shown on Pune_Traffic page. You just append the keyword "#punetraffic" whenever you write about any traffic problem in Pune.

Similarly twits are published on all Pune ward office pages. If you twit about your ward it will be shown on Ward page of this Wiki. Here is link to various Wards of Pune

Here is the list of keywords that you can use while tweeting about Pune and pages on which your twits will appear - (remember what is keyword for your ward :) )

(more pages will be added soon...)

Let's come together and twit twit about pune and help each other....

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