The socio-historical necessity created by the political- economic scenario of 1990s played the genetic role to beget the Trinamool Congress to democratically fight the continuing Stalinist subjugation -based on terror and rigged election in West Bengal. The nationalism in Mamata Banerjee prompted her also to visualise the threat being posed to the Indian National security by the CPI(M) ' s efforts to cause Stalinist penetration into the body-politic of India through West Bengal being located on the sensitive international border directly with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and indirectly withChina through Sikkim. During Rajiv Gandhi ' s leadership of the Indian National Congress, he disfavoured the “ Power-Brokers ” inside the Indian National Congress who then had to go either to oblivion or to some other party.
Tmc symbol

With the unfortunate assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1988, some of the “ Power-Brokers ” who earlier vowed not to come back to the Congress made re-entry into the Congress

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15th Lok Sabha MP's of the Trinamool CongressEdit

Members of Parliament belonging to Trinamool Congress in the 15th Lok Sabha
Mamata Banerjee54FTrinamool Congress
Indian National Congress
Kolkata Dakshin (WB) Lok Sabha Constituency
Jadavpur (WB) Lok Sabha Constituency

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