Hi Frds,

On 23rd Aug, there is an article on new parking policy in Times front pg. As usual midia seems to be giving different shade to the whole epicode. More car park ,bigger roads seems to be only solution for the traffic problems:)

Mainly its totaly againest the norms with which we have worked for designing the new tree policy as living hardly any space to plant the trees & more importantly to leave the space to grow them freely! As the accomodation of new cars & drive ways for their manuvering will wipe out whatever remaining space available in the complex for the trees. It seems the we need more car than trees in the city !

As increase in car parks that to impractical level within the premise is encouregement to buy more cars for the residents & killing the promotion of PUBLIC TRANSPORT .Also the added construction cost making the whole thing unviable & again promoting tendencies of law breaking.

My statement may look exagerated but I can proove it,for eg with the new car park policy a 3 floor commercial building on a plot of 10,000sft will need 4 floors of car park ! Now wheres the place left for tree as well with so many vehicles travelling on that road what about traffic issues aswell the gas emmition !

I aint againest parking or its provision but the practicality of the policy is suerly an issue of concern!

Agreed parking spaces adequete is too a need of the time but I thingk the adquete ,one has to define properly.Let me know what can be done, we should aware the midia as well common man about the facts via a joint platform & then let public decide instead acting as per sentiments. And we need to do it fast !

Sanjay Deshpande


Chairman envo -power committe

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