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Ward Officer : Mr. Sapkal A.S.9923204721

Asst. Engineer : Mr. Wagh

Jr. Engineers : Edit

1) Mr. Chavan (Water Supply) 2) Mr. Shaikh (Drainage) 3) Mrs. Kavita Deshpande(Bhawan) 4) Mr. Katawate (Electric) 5) Mr. Tadavi (Road)

Office Supt.: Mr. Jagatap Edit

Head Clerk : Mr. Hingane Edit

Phone : 020-25508000

Information of Tilak Road Ward Office, Published under section 4(1)B of Right to Information act 2005. [1]

Electoral Wards under Tilak Road Ward Office: Edit

ward officer informationEdit

The ward officer of Tilak Road Ward Office is A.S Sapkal




020 21151859

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