Solid Waste Management

Pune Municipal CorporationEdit

  • Dy. Municipal Corporation
Mr. Suresh Jagtap
  • Ward Medical Officer
Dr. Sanjeev Wavare

Introduction Edit

The City of Pune is a historical city and well known for its educational importance. Today the City is also an I.T. Hub. The area of Pune City today is 244 sq.k.mtrs with a vast population of 33 lakhs. It is still developing and expanding and by 2015 the population will rise up to 45 lakhs, and by 2025 it is expected to go up to 65 lakhs.

Present scenarioEdit

Pune City generates approximately 1200 to 1300 MTD solid waste every day, which is collected, transported and disposed at a sanitary land fill site which is about 20km away from Pune, viz at Devachi Uruli. The total costs for collection, transportation and disposal is about Rs.60 crores per year and nearly about Rs.20 to Rs.25 crores are spent for transportation and equipments used at the sanitary land fill site.

Initiatives taken by PMC Edit

The PMC endeavours to create awareness amongst citizens to encourage segregation of wet and dry waste and about waste processing practices. For this, PMC has produced films, posters, banners, leaflets, pamphlets.

Through Mission ‘Chakachak’, PMC has reached out to school children, senior citizens, NGOs, laughing clubs, and they are volunteering to promote segregation, and waste processing practises.

The PMC adopted measures to implement Govt of India Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling)Rules since December 2000. An incineration facility with three units has been set up to collect and process biomedical waste at a central level. It covers all the Hospitals, Nursing Home, Lab., Blood Banks and some dispensaries. This facility is outsourced and run by an agency, which has got authorization from MPCB for transport and disposal.

Carcass utilisation plant PMC has also set up Carcass utilisation plant for the disposal of dead animals in the city. This facility is also outsourced.

Modern slaughter house PMC has set up a modern slaughter house plant as per norms of MPCB at Kondhava, which started functioning from end-June 2008.

Role of waste pickers In the limits of Pune Municipal Corporation, about 5500 waste collectors are engaged in house to house collection of waste. PMC has provided medical insurance and identity cards to them.

PMC house to house collection

  1. Nearly 450 cycle rickshaws are operating in various parts of the city by PMC employees and waste collectors
  2. 76 Ghanta Trucks are deployed for house to house waste collection, as a result of which PMC is reaching to more than 60% of properties in doorsteps services.
  3. PMC has also set up separate system for collection of Hotel waste with the help of 22 trucks. PMC is planning to out source Hotel waste collection in the near future.
  4. Due to augmented doorstep collection services, PMC could achieve in making container-free areas by reducing more than 300 containers of 3.8 cumtr. capacity and similar number of compactor buckets.

Administrative wards.

Zone 1
1 Aundh
2 Ghole Road
3 Karve Road
4 Warje Karve Nagar
Zone 2
5 Dhole Patil
6 Yerawada
7 Sangamwadi
Zone 3
8 Bhawani Peth
9 Kasaba Vishrambaug Wada
10 Tilak Road
11 Sahakar Nagar
Zone 4
12 Hadapsar
13 Bibvewadi
14 Dhankawadi
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