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Sikkim Democratic Front
The Sikkim Democratic Front is the largest and ruling party of the Indian state of Sikkim. The party is led by the Chief Minister — Pawan Kumar Chamling and has ruled the state since 1994. The party consolidated its position sweeping the 1999 and 2004 state elections. It won 31 of the 32 assembly seats in the 2004 election.

The party also currently holds a seat in the Lok Sabha which it won in the 2004 elections.more about SDF [1]

  • No public vision statement as yet
  • No public mission as yet
  • No public goals as yet


15th Lok Sabha MP's of the Sikkim Democratic FrontEdit

Members of Parliament belonging to Sikkim Democratic Front in the 15th Lok Sabha
Prem Das Rai54MSikkim Democratic FrontSikkim (SK) Lok Sabha Constituency

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