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ASEAN Summit 2009, Chilean Presidential Elections 2009, Current events, Indian Parlimentary Elections 2009, Indonesian General Election 2009, Irish general election 2007, Lok Sabha Election, Pune Car Free Day 2008, State Legislative Elections in Goa, India

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New to Giki?
  • Giki is short for Governance Wiki
  • Giki is a place for you to add issues about your town, state or country and discuss them
  • Giki is where you can list the agenda and events of people involved in governance
  • Giki is where you can track the projects that matter to you
  • Giki is where you build forums to redesign governance
  • Giki is where you can build visions with the community
  • Giki is also where you can ask the people to vote on issues that are important for all
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Template:Featured place for 2017, week 34

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Empower the People

'Aids Man' Prakash Taterao Landge, (Dr.)Girija Vyas, A Chowrappa, A. Amarnadh, A. Arokiasamy, A. B. Patil, A. Haroon Ali, A. Nageshwar Rao, A. P. Ahamed, A. Raees A. Jabbar... further results

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Track Your Projects

Baner Balewadi DP, Baner Road, BetterAsia, Bicycle Partnership Program, Cyclists' Issues, Demographic Survey Terms of Reference, Devnadi, ELU Terms of Reference, ESR 08-09 Electricity, Environment Status Report, Ganapati immersion tanks, JNNURM Community Participation Fund in Pune, KPI for SWM, List of initiatives involved in governance, Making Pune Greener, Metro, N.M.T(Non-Motorized Cell), Otta Market in Baner, PMC Garden Department, PTW Tree Plantation Programs, Pedestrians' Issues, Project N.E.M.E.S.I.S, Project tracking with wikis, Pune BRT, Pune CIO Projects, Pune Environment Information System, Pune NMT, Pune Transport, Pune Wiki Training Events, Pune roads, Pune-Bremen Partnership, Socio-economic Survey Terms of Reference, Solid Waste Management, Troy NY City 5 Year Plan, Vision - Pune 2015: Specific Projects, धनकवडी क्षेत्रिय कार्यालयामार्फत अस्वच्छता करणा‍-यांकडून अभिनव उपक्रम

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Redesign Governance

2009 Lok Sabha Data Questions, Birth Certification by the PMC, Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act 1949, Building Permission by the PMC, Certification, Development Control, Development Plan Pune - Overview of Process, Development Plan, Pune, EVM Hacks, Issues registering as a voter in India, Marriage Certification by the PMC, PMC Pay and Park, Review the 2009 Lok Sabha Election Process: Promises and Reality, Right to Information Act, Solid Waste Management Rules, Tracking the elections

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Create Community Visions

Budget tracking with wikis, Collaborative governance, Collaborative modeling and futures, Government message broadcasting, Growth of Pune, Hassle free governance, IT for mobility, India 2015, One-India Card, Project tracking with wikis... further results

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Ask the people

Poll on Citizen Focus of the PMC, Poll on the purpose of the United Nations, Pravinsinh Pardeshi

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