Samajwadi Party

Mulayam Singh

Mulayam Singh Yadav

Samajwadi Party (literally, Socialist Party) is a political party in India. It is based in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It describes itself as a democratic socialist party. It was founded on October 4, 1992.

The Samajwadi Party was one of several parties that emerged when the Janata Dal (People's League), India's primary opposition party prior to the BJP, fragmented into several regional parties. The Samajwadi Party is led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, a former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and a former defence minister of the country.

Samajwadi Party
Party chairpersonMulayam Singh Yadav
General SecretarySanjay Dutt
Leader in Lok SabhaRam Gopal Yadav
FoundedOctober 4, 1992
HeadquartersLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Seats in Lok Sabha38
Seats in Rajya Sabha16
Political ideologyDemocratic Socialism
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15th Lok Sabha MP's of the Samajwadi PartyEdit

Members of Parliament belonging to Samajwadi Party in the 15th Lok Sabha
Akhilesh YadavSamajwadi PartyKannauj (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Bal Kumar Patel48MSamajwadi PartyMirzapur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Dharmendra YadavSamajwadi PartyMainpuri (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Ghansyam Anuragi35MSamajwadi PartyJalaun (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Kunwar Rewati Raman Singh Alias Mani Ji65MSamajwadi PartyAllahabad (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Mulayam Singh Yadav69MSamajwadi PartyMainpuri (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Neeraj Shekhar40MSamajwadi PartyBallia (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Pakauri Lal57MSamajwadi PartyRobertsganj (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Premdas49MSamajwadi PartyEtawah (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
R. K. Singh Patel49MSamajwadi PartyBanda (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Radhey Mohan Singh43MSamajwadi PartyGhazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Rakesh Sachan53MSamajwadi PartyFatehpur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Shailendra KumarSamajwadi PartyChail (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Kaushambi (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Sushila Saroj58FSamajwadi PartyMohanlalganj (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Misrikh (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Tufani Saroj48MSamajwadi PartyMachhlishahr (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Saidpur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency
Usha Verma43FSamajwadi PartyHardoi (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency

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