Haripriya Dalal 13:44, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

deck overlooking the river

Extensions to existing bridges

recreational public open space for urban Pune


Abstract Edit

With historical roots in cities all over the world, public open spaces have been considered as a powerful component of urban fabric and a stage for communication and development amongst individual and communities .This paper is aimed towards adding extensions to existing bridges to create short term recreational public open spaces for individual to individual and individual to mass (& vice –versa) use.'Furthermore, the results of this study are intended to constitute the principles of future urban-architectural interventions which can bring vivacity to the urban life.

Introduction Edit

From the queen of the Deccan, Oxford of east, pensioner’s paradise, and now the IT capital of Maharashtra .Each defines a new milestone in Pune’s long and checkered career the inflow of IT and other multi national companies have boosted its growth and brought the changes in residential and commercial space of Pune. In turn the green space, hill slopes and arable land are showing shrinking trend .However, the need of public open recreational spaces has aroused over the years due to several reasons - Increase in population, rapid development, change in lifestyle, increase in traffic, encroachment into public spaces, lack of awareness and planning strategies to use potential sites have all contributed to this. Public open spaces give an opportunity for transformation within communities. Open spaces are the stage where our individual public lives unfold. The open spaces in our city gradually lose their social attributes under the pressure of vehicular traffic and dense urbanization The more recent solutions to the definition of public spaces adopted are in the form of multiplexes, theatres, malls, food joints, coffee shops and the likes. The common man is being left out of this semi-public realm because of affordability, causing a social rift. River being a vital resource for our city, people from most sections of the society flock to these places to relax and experience the breeze .Due to inadequate public open spaces they sit along the road side kerbs in groups causing hindrance to pedestrian and vehicular traffic both. Simple, modest and pragmatic design solutions that work within the existing realities can solve the key problems. This might generate a momentum for positive change. There can be no grandiose ideas here. The idea is to renew the social activities 'ABOVE the water edge.

Punitie's OpinionEdit

want to see PUNE better.. participate in the survey. lets make it happen , to make such niches for public spaces we need your opinion

Haripriya Dalal 13:44, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

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