Rashtriya Samaj Paksha ("National Society Party" or "National Community Party") is an Indian Political Party initially aiming to be a Recognised National Party. It has major presence in Maharashtra. Mr. Mahadeo Jankar is the founder and National President of R.S.PS. The party claims to represent the backward class and minorities. In the 2004 Maharashtra Assembly Elections the Party feilded 38 candidates and received 144,753 votes which is 0.35% of the total votes. In the 2004 Loksabha Elections in India the Party Contested in 2 states and feilded 13 candidates. The party received 146,571 votes which is 0.04% of the total votes. In the 2009 Loksabha Elections the party is fielding 300 candidates throughout India and contesting all 48 seats in Maharashtra. The President of the Party, Mr. Mahadeo Jankar, is contesting from Madha Loksabha Constituency against Mr. Sharad Pawar of NCP and Mr. Subhash Deshmukh of BJP, both are sitting MP's.

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