ca Raj Paul Chauhan Talk about Raj Paul Chauhan here raj paul chauhan is an author of a book namely BREAKING THE CHAIN OF CORRUPTION; REFLECTIONS BY A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. He had participated in the 13th IACC( INTERNATIONAL ANTI-CORRUPTION CONFERENCE) at Athens, Greece in the year 2008. right now he is in the process of revising the earlier book and another autobiobraphy of a CA is also under process. He is planning to organise a group of Graduates who can form the Election Watch Commission in their respective areas and also encourage one of them to contest the cost free election because high election cost is the only reasion of corrpion in our politics. he is also planning to organize some revolutionaries who can reshape the future of our villages after removing corruption from the grass root level.


Contact for Raj Paul Chauhan

Address: A-1/44, SECTOR-18,ROHINI,DELHI

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cost free election corruption free nation.

formation of TAMACHA CLUB WHEREIN every body can be member of the club provided he has a patroitic heart and he want to go for the solution not through watching T.V. ON his remote control but he is interested to take the initiative.

2. one will for a club in his area wherein more will join him to see that no politician is distributing the cash , wine or other cosly articles to the voters at the time of election.

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