A Bachelor Thesis after the quality of bicycle tracks in Pune is conducted in 2008 as part of a degree in civil engineering from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Below the study is published including a map of all bicycle tracks in Pune, the study report and a summary of the study. 

Summary of researchEdit

Pune, a city of three million people in India is facing traffic problems due to an increasing volume of vehicles. In order to reduce pollution and traffic congestion the municipality created an ambitious policy on improving bicycle infrastructure and cycling. However, after finishing the first bicycle routes in recent times, the usage of these routes remains rather low. Edit
A survey was developed to obtain information about the strengths and the weaknesses of bicycle routes in Pune using a Dutch methodology as a basis. After conducting the survey on two bicycle routes, the information obtained shows the safety, directness and comfort degree of the bicycle routes. Observations show that Pune takes bicycle routes seriously, but aspects as uniform signage and attention for cyclists at intersections still pose challenges. The information obtained is used to suggest improvements for the routes. Furthermore, the survey developed in this research might be useful to measure other bicycle routes in emerging economies.Edit

Read the studyEdit

The study can be downloasded at:  Quality of bicycle routes in Pune India; University of Twente, the Netherlands.

All bicycle tracks in Pune All bicycle tracks in Pune, India v0.5 (presentation)

There are nine bicycle tracks in Pune as showed on the map in the figure above. Numbers 1 & 2 cover the Karve Road bicycle track, numbers 3 until 7 cover the Fergusson College bicycle track, and number 8 until 14 are the other bicycle tracks in Pune. Bicycle routes numbers 8, 12, 13 and 14 are under construction.


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Research fundersEdit

The study is commisened by the Non Motorized Transport-Cell. The Non Motorized Transport-cell Pune Pune NMT consists of Pune Municipal officials and people from the NGO Parisar. The Non Motorized Transport-cell is implementing cycling policies and promoting bicycling in Pune.


Please contact the writer of the study, Peter Sanders, if you have anymore questions:, or post questions or commends below.

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