The wiki should lead to better information for us all. Ultimately better information is a key ingredient in improving our neighbourhoods, improving municipal services, promoting citizen action ... all for a more environmentally and socially responsible city. Sanskriti 06:27, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

As most of people ask what is there in this site for me, how I can use information on Pune Wiki. We must try to put information which will help people while dealing with official work in PMC like somebody want information related to FSI in different area, where to go to check how many floor permission given to particular building by PMC to builder, where to go to register child Birth etc.

Once these type of Authentic Information is available here, people will start using wiki and other civic issues will be known to common people. Swapnil Deshmukh 11:09, 1 Sept 2008 (UTC) Swapnil

This initiative should not remain limited to the web only and if possible, the message has to reach the masses as well. Greater awareness and active participation of the netizens who use this forum will lead to effective utilization of this space. Can we have extensive media coverage and support activities so that the people who don't have a direct access to internet but have a plethora of ideas waiting to be shared are taken onboard as well? (User:Progressive Puneri, 15 September 2008)

Progressive Puneri - Great idea! I think the Design for Pune initiative is supposed to one platform for linking people in physical events to discuss our local Pune issues (look for the link on the main page). Also the Wiki Trainings are turning out to be places for some starter discussions on Pune combined with how to use the wiki. One idea was to encourage neighbourhood and students projects on exploring the environment (natural as well as social/ institutional) or citizen action and wiki savvy people could report on these. The advantage of the wiki is that it accumulates and records the knowledge for others to see as well. Do take a look at the Talk page of the Environment Information System link (links from main page) Sanskriti 02:29, 15 September 2008 (UTC) Sanskriti

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