Feb 2009 - The Pune University had applied for permission to cut a large number of trees on its campus. A report from the Times of India quotes the Vice Chancellor as saying 468 trees while the docket on the PMC website puts the number at 641. The trees were proposed to be cut for making space for road widening and other building works, and trees of other local species are proposed to be planted. A majority of the trees that were proposed to be cut are 'Patangi' trees. Pune Tree Watch and other local groups protested (report from the Times of India).

Read an article by Shankar Brahme (pdf), the landscape architect of the Pune University campus and gardens.

Following the inspection of the trees proposed to be cut, and a protest from citizens, the the University of Pune (UoP), on 18 Feb 09 withdrew its application before the Pune Tree Authority seeking permission to fell 468 trees in its campus. Read a report by Sakal Times

Vigilance and citizen action wins the day!

Historic Landscape

The Pune University landscape is also a historic one. It was here that the first battle of the Third Anglo Maratha war was fought by the Peshwa to liberate himself from the stranglehold of British rule. The battle went badly for the Marathas with cavalry charge remaining their main weapon against superior English guns. The first martyr of this war was the Peshwa's 'karbhari' Moro Dixit, who died due to a rifle shot from the English side. A ditch on the campus (batlefield) is often mentioned where the first horses of the cavalry charge fell thereby losing the momentum in battle.
Battlefield Khadki

See a map of the battle formations of Battle of Khadki on 5th Nov 1817, which is where the Pune Unviersity campus is now located

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