Suggestion 1: Edit

The section from Hadapsar Bridge till Big Bazaar can be made non stop. This increases the road usage thus easing the congestion. The traffic from Sholapur side which has to leave the sholapur road moves to the right lane which is seperated by Plastic Pole Separator.

     A T section model depicting non stop continuing lane traffic. This same model is very successful in New Delhi which has a very high traffic density compared to Pune.

T section Pune

Suggestion 2: Edit

The average traffic speed can also be improved by not making wider roads but roads free of potholes , but potholes how to get rid of them.

NO WAY until the water that has fallen on the road is quickly removed. But how ? Road Slanting and proper Drainage.

Each year crores are spend on repairing, but without drainage and slanting this situation will remain the same.

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