Non motorized transport in PuneEdit

Non-motorized transport in Pune consists mainly of pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, there are also some push-carts etc. used by hawkers.

A 2005 study conducted by the PMC found that about 37% of trips in Pune were walking trips and 18% of trips were cycling trips - i.e. more than half the number of trips were NMT trips!

However, the comprehensive mobility plan (CMP)[1] submitted in July 2008 indicates that these numbers have come down, and cycling accounts for only about 11% of trips.

Considering that it is now widely recognized that NMT modes are among the most socially, economically and environmentally desirable, this is an unfortunate trend.

Walking in PuneEdit

All citizens are pedestrians at some time or the other. Walking to a shop, walking to a bus stop, or walking to a job or school - all involve walking on the roads. Therefore, there is a great need for good pedestrian infra-structure. However, the recently submitted CMP states that less than half the road length in Pune has walkable footpaths.

Cycling in PuneEdit

Cycling is a healthy, non-polluting, non-congesting, non-fuel-consuming mode of transport, and is therefore actively encouraged in cities around the world. Pune has also attempted to build some exclusive lanes for use by cyclists. However, as the CMP states, none of these are really usable.

However, PMC is taking some active interest in promoting cycling in the city by inking an MoU with the Interface for Cycling Expertise under their Bicycle Partnership Program.

The bicycle tracks in Pune on a map and the quality of two tracks are shown Quality of bicycle tracks in Pune.

NMT InfrastructureEdit

NMT cellEdit

The PMC has recently also constituted an NMT cell to focus specifically on NMT issues and help improve conditions for NMT in Pune. However, there are some doubts as to how effective this cell can be, without much greater levels of co-operation and involvement from all the PMC officials.


  1. Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Pune, downloadable from the PMC website

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