I want to make a suggestions for traffic arrangements at the Panchami Hotel Chowk on Satara Road. The road is blocked for entry on Satara Road to go towards Laxminarayan. Hence the vehicles have to go towards City Pride and take a U-turn. This creats a blockage at City Pride Chowk. Also while coming from Katraj, the U-turn here has been cut off. This also creats a problem since there is no access to this area and the vehicle will have to go to Laxminarayan. If an arrangement is made like in Nal stop chowk the problem can be solved. I volunteer to discuss this with the authorities if contacted on 98237 17886. Yogesh.

This is SUSHIL_00786 sharing my views on some problems which I have faced.

  1. The SIGNAL systems which are useless as if no one can go towards LEFT side..eveyone has to wait for signal.I think there is no need to wait.As our country follows to ride on Left hand side.So if you think can any come from another side in wrong direction??..The rider from another side will follow left hand side and rider who have to go left side can follow his side.
  2. Another thing is there is no time adustment between two signals..if one has to go straight and if he follows a specific speed e.g. 30 km/hr.Even though he cant go without any problem.He has to wait on next signal for few seconds.
  3. The difference between 2 signals in a squre is of 4 seconds.As one signal of squre shows RED light then another one take 4 sec to show green light.
  4. There is wastage of FUEL as in some squre there is no any Time display to show when will the signal be green??
  5. The ONE WAY signage are not visible..or they are in worst condition so rider cant see it clearly.

SUGGESTIONS 1)There should no any signal to go Left hand side 2)The signal system should be in co-ordination to save time 3)There should be TIME display in every signal to save fuel. 4)ONE WAY STREET signage should be MORE VISIBLE.

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