Debris on Footpath - from Sakal

Basic Pedestrians' IssuesEdit

These are some of the commonly faced pedestrians' issues

  • Footpaths are narrow.
  • In many places we find the footpaths have been severely damaged.
  • Debris lying in the footpaths.
  • Constant break ups in the footpaths,thus making it difficult for senior citizens to move freely.
  • Difficulty in zebra crossing at various squares in the city.
  • A constant threat to the life of a pedestrian.
  • Many accidents resulting in minor or major injuries.
  • lack of encroachment free footpaths.
  • lack of pedestrian refuges in various wide road.
  • Pedestrians are not encouraged enough to take part in planning process.
  • Constant digging of the footpaths is done without any proper markings.
  • No proper attention is given to the pedestrians' problems by P.M.C.
  • No proper planning to built overbridges and subways where they are actually needed.
  • The fund utilization for solving the pedestrians' problems seems imaginery.
  • Many a times the construction materials are left in the footpaths after it gets over by both the private and the public constructors .
  • The footpaths are in a bad state of repair, blocked by mseb/bsnl boxes, debris and garbage, pmpml bus stops, ramps for entry and exit into commercial and apt. buildings,political hoardings, overgrown branches and now even cyg and other signposts.

Actions taken by the Pedestrians Edit

Now,looking at the various problems about the pedestrians problems we can think how disdainful it is to be a pedestrian.And therefore to fight for the pedestrians' rights,recently a protestation was carried out in the form of a march which started from the pune central mall on ganeshkhind road to the university chowk.partiipating groups included the mohalla committees of ICS colony Bhosalenagar and Model colony,Pune Traffic and Transportation Forum,Janwani,Lokayat and Pedestrians First,among others. The issue that was dealt throughtout the march was to plead for all the pedestrians of the city.

Views of the Activists Edit

  • According to Mr J.Mohite,the traffic on the university road has become a nightmare.
  • Acording to Mr Khot,the pedestrians are not given priority by P.M.C in their planning processes.
  • Nilesh Kale,an activist had proposed a plan to PMC commissioner,suggesting him to make it incumbent upon major malls and other commercial constructions to partly fund the infrastructural development in the area.
  • In order to reduce the conflict between the space that is needed by hawkers/vendors and pedestrians,all that can be done is
    • wider footpaths - at the expense of the motor carriageway and
    • clearly designated areas for hawkers/vendors and of course enforcement of the same.

Actions by the PMC Edit

The Pune Municipal Corporation has set up a Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) Cell to address these issues.

Glimpses from the Protest MarchEdit

0210 Protest Walk

Protesters standing infront of Pune Central

0208 Protest Walk

Activists Trying to Cross the Road

0196 Protest Walk

Protestors Starting the March.

0190 Protest Walk

Activists with Slogan Hoardings

0211 Protest Walk

Protestors Marching Ahead

0212 Protest Walk

Protestors Crossing the University Chowk

0216 Protest Walk

Protestors of Varied Age Groups Marching Ahead

0219 Protest Walk

End of the Protest March

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