Pattali Makkal Katchi


Dr. S. Ramdoss

Leader K.Mani Founded 1999 Headquarters Thailapuram, Tindivanam Alliance United Progressive Alliance

Political ideology Social Democratic/Populist
PMK Mangoo


PMK was founded by Dr. S. Ramdoss and the president is G.K. Mani. Ramdoss had earlier worked with the Vanniyar Sangham (Vanniyar Union) founded by him in 1980. PMK is based amongst the Vanniar caste, an OBC community. PMK has advocated the bifurcation of the state of Tamil Nadu, a proposal that was seen as a casteist line. PMK was mainly based in the northern half of the state. Ahead of the 2004 election PMK joined the broad Tamil political front Democratic Progressive Alliance where also DMK, Congress, CPI, CPI (M) and Indian Union Muslim League are members. After the formation of PMK, and under the leadership of Ramadoss, PMK was able to obtain a significant share of power both in the regional government in Tamilnadu and the central government, primarily due to coalition pressures. Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, the son of S. Ramadoss, is currently the Health Minister in the government of India. Following the 2004 general election Lok Sabha elections, PMK joined United Progressive Alliance party. In June 2008, the PMK was pushed out of the DMK-led Tamil Nadu government. On March 26,2009 PMK declared that it would join the AIADMK led front and left the UPA.Following this allaince the two ministers in union cabinate MR.A.RAMADOSS and R.VELU resigned from UPA government..On 28th of March ,2009 they submitted the resignation to prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.

  • No public vision statement as yet
  • No public mission as yet
  • No public goals as yet


15th Lok Sabha MP's of the Pattali Makkal KatchiEdit

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