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Berlin is the capital of Germany and also its largest city; the city is now home to 3.4 million as of November 2006, down from a peak of 4.5 million before World War II. It measures 891.69 square kilometers891,690,000 m² 89,169 ha 344.283 miles², with a population density of 3811 persons/km², is 34 meters3,400 cm 0.034 km 3.4e+13 pm 0.0211 mi 111.549 ft above sea level, and has the coordinates 52°31′N; 13°24′ELatitude: 52°30′60″N Longitude: 13°24′0″E. Its area code is 030. From 1949 to 1990 it was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin, as the USSR controlled East Berlin.

Berlin is located in the north of Germany, built on sand of the rivers Spree and Havel between the plateaus of Barnim in the north and Teltow in the south. It is enclosed by the German state of Brandenburg, and has constituted a state of its own since 1947, when Prussia was officially dissolved and the formation of occupation zones prevented it from remaining part of Brandenburg. Before this, it was a main city in the Duchy of Brandenburg and later the Kingdom of Prussia. It first appeared on record in the year 1237.

Deutschland Die Stadt hat 3393933 Einwohner

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