Pratham tula vandito Ganraya...pratham tula Vandito

Day to Day Budget Details Edit

Images.Welcome to Budget Information!Images1

--Pratibha17 11:38, 30 January 2009 (UTC)Pratibha Pednekar

Outline of the ProjectEdit

This is our project. This page will give you whole and sole information of Pune Corporation budgeted figure timely. Apli Maha Nagar Palika....As India is a democratic cuntry..."MY SITE IS TOO" Anybody who would like to share information,is welcomed ..We need your Support to built this

Mission Of ProjectEdit

To build a system which will be innovative and creative to help pune citizens and concern officials monitor, manage budget in systematic manner.

The system will help pune citizens to know about the budget. Like the revenue and expendiures..

Audience InvolvedEdit

  1. Pune Citizens
  2. Pune Goverment

Stake HoldersEdit

  1. Tax Payers
  2. Octroi Payers
  3. Entertainment Payers

Officials to be InvolvedEdit

Budget DocumentEdit

  1. Sources of Revenue
  1. Sources of Expenditure

Target completedEdit

Target 4 upcoming weekEdit

  • Try semantic
  • using templates
  • documenting

Milestone which will be faced in completion of the projectEdit

  1. Scope of the system
  2. Find out Infomation Channels
  3. Ways to gather needed information
  4. Categorization of information for presentation
  5. Designing interfaces which will be used for communication
  6. Designing information fetching and presenting.

Need For The SystemEdit

  1. Budget is manual managed today.

Log Status of the projectEdit

Third phase of review clear

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