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Pune Municipal Corporation (Standing Committee Chair Arvind Shinde) Pune Municipal Corporation (Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal)

Officiating Government Servants: Pune Municipal Corporation (Commissioner Mahesh Zagade, Machindranath Devanikar, Umakant Dangat), Zonal Commissioner Office No. 1 (Commissioner Vijay Dahibhate), Zonal Commissioner Office No. 2 (Commissioner Dnyaneshwar Molak), Zonal Commissioner Office No. 3 (Commissioner Suresh Jagtap), Zonal Commissioner Office No. 4 (Commissioner Sudhakar Telang) Aundh Ward Office (Ward officer Nitin Udas), Bahvani Peth Ward Office (Ward officer Mahadev Gaikwad), Bibwewadi Ward Office (Ward officer Anil Jagtap), Dhankwadi ward Office (Ward officer Umesh Mali), Dhole Patil Road Ward Office (Ward officer Shriram Salvekar), Ghole Road Ward Office (Ward officer Vijay Landge, Vijay Dahibhate), Hadapsar Ward Office (Ward officer Madhav Despande), Karve Road ward Office (Ward officer Nitin Udas), Kasba VishramBagWada Ward Office (Ward officer Madhav Jagtap), SahakarNagar Ward Office (Ward officer Anil Jagtap), Sangamwadi ward Office (Ward officer Mukund Bhosale), Tilak Road Ward Office (Ward officer A.S Sapkal), Warje Karve Nagar Ward Office (Ward officer Sunil Gaikwad), Yerwada Ward Office (Ward officer Vasant Patil)

Representatives from Electoral Wards: PMC Ward No 22 (Corporator Anil Bhosale), PMC Ward No 24 (Corporator Shailaja Manikarao Khedeker), PMC Ward No 25 (Corporator Shrikant V. Pati), PMC Ward No 26 (Corporator Suresh Baburao Shevale), PMC Ward No 27 (Corporator Sangita Dattatray Gaikawad), PMC Ward No 28 (Corporator Baburao Dattoba Chandere), PMC Ward No 30 (Corporator Pramod Namadev Nimhan), PMC Ward No 31 (Corporator Shivaji Mahadev Banger), PMC Ward No 37 (Corporator Latabai Dayaram Rajaguru), PMC Ward No 38 (Corporator Rajani Ravindra Tribhuvan), PMC Ward No 39 (Corporator Chandabi Hajidab Nadaf), PMC Ward No 40 (Corporator Rajendra Ramachandra Wagasakar), PMC Ward No 41 (Corporator Sunil Jayawant Gaikawad), PMC Ward No 42 (Corporator Chetan Vitthal Tupe), PMC Ward No 43 (Corporator Ananda Anna Alakute), PMC Ward No 44 (Corporator Paravati Chokhoba Bhadake), PMC Ward No 45 (Corporator Mangala Prakash Manatri), PMC Ward No 46 (Corporator Aravind Tukaram Shinde), PMC Ward No 47 (Corporator Indumati Narayan Fulavare), PMC Ward No 48 (Corporator Ganesh Madhukar Bidakar), PMC Ward No 49 (Corporator Laxman Dharma Arade), PMC Ward No 73 (Corporator Mohanasingh Tirthasingh Rajapal), PMC Ward No 74 (Corporator Rekha Hiraman Shinde), PMC Ward No 75 (Corporator Rashid Abdul Shaikh), PMC Ward No 76 (Corporator Sandip Gajanan Ladakat), PMC Ward No 77 (Corporator Rajashri Suryakant Andekar), PMC Ward No 78 (Corporator Virendra Gokuldas Kirad), PMC Ward No 83 (Corporator Avinash Krushnaji Jadhav), PMC Ward No 85 (Corporator Vishunu Narayan Harihar), PMC Ward No 86 (Corporator Shantilal Dhondiba Misal), PMC Ward No 87 (Corporator Kamal Dnyanaraj Vyavahare), PMC Ward No 89 (Corporator Abhijit Chandrakant Shivarakar), PMC Ward No 90 (Corporator Chitra Satish Londhe), PMC Ward No 91 (Corporator Dattatray Devaram Sasane), PMC Ward No 92 (Corporator Vijay Vamanarao Deshamukh), PMC Ward No 93 (Corporator Sulochana Ramadas Tupe), PMC Ward No 94 (Corporator Sunil Dattatray Banakare), PMC Ward No 95 (Corporator Rajalaxmi Malojirao Bhosale), PMC Ward No 96 (Corporator Pramod Vasant Bhanagire), PMC Ward No 97 (Corporator Ratnaprabha Sudamarao Jagatap), PMC Ward No 120 (Corporator Mahadev Ramachandra Babar), PMC Ward No 121 (Corporator Tanaji Dnyanadev Lonakar), PMC Ward No 122 (Corporator Megha Rajendra Babar), PMC Ward No 123 (Corporator Sunil Babanarao Bibave), PMC Ward No 132 (Corporator Sanjay Tukaram Nande), PMC Ward No 133 (Corporator Varsha Vilas Tapakir), PMC Ward No 134 (Corporator Bhimarao Dhondiba Tapakir), PMC Ward No 135 (Corporator Vishal Vilas Tambe), PMC Ward No 136 (Corporator Dattatray Babanrao Dhankawade), PMC Ward No 138 (Corporator Sunita Gopal Chintal)... further results

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Baner Balewadi DP, Baner Road, Bicycle Partnership Program, Cyclists' Issues, Demographic Survey Terms of Reference, ELU Terms of Reference, ESR 08-09 Electricity, Environment Status Report, JNNURM Community Participation Fund in Pune, KPI for SWM, Metro, N.M.T(Non-Motorized Cell), Otta Market in Baner, PMC Garden Department, Pedestrians' Issues, Pune NMT, Pune Transport, Pune roads, Socio-economic Survey Terms of Reference, Solid Waste Management, धनकवडी क्षेत्रिय कार्यालयामार्फत अस्वच्छता करणा‍-यांकडून अभिनव उपक्रम
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Pune Municipal Corporation

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Pune Municipal Corporation
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Poll on Citizen Focus of the PMC, Pravinsinh Pardeshi

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Redesign Governance

Birth Certification by the PMC, Building Permission by the PMC, Development Control, Development Plan Pune - Overview of Process, Marriage Certification by the PMC, PMC Pay and Park, Solid Waste Management Rules

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