The Nippon Foundation (Nippon Zaidan) has been offering the “Nikkei Scholarship” since 2004, giving the scholars the chance to go to Japan to perfect their knowledge in any field of study through internships in companies, investigation centers, technical courses, or professional careers in bachelor or post-graduate Japanese universities, with a period of up to 5 years.

With the 2008 Nikkei Scholars coming to Japan in March, the total number of scholars has gone over 30. Nikkei scholars from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru are studying hard in Japan to achieve their dreams with the Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship.

By their own initiative, the “Nippon Foundation Scholars Association” was formed with the support of their sponsors to do diverse volunteer activities in Japan. Currently they make visits to Lain American schools to encourage the students to study more on culture and the Japanese language. They participated in several events in conjunction with the local nikkei communities in Japan such as Festa Junina, kid’s day, Christmas, etc. and are supporting projects organized by NGOs that are dedicated to the development of these nikkei communities in Japan. They also visit Japanese students to encourage cultural exchanges of Latin America and Japan.

Objective The objective of the group is to form a bond between the members, people who are capable of becoming leaders in their own communities once finishing their scholarship in Japan. Moreover, they also encourage the strengthening of the local, regional and panamerican nikkei entities, maintaining alive the nikkei identity.

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