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Current Issues from Malaysia

Bukit Beruntung, Malaysia, Selangor, Selangor State Government

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Organizations in Malaysia

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New to Malaysia Giki?
  • Giki is short for Governance Wiki
  • Giki is a place for you to add issues about your town, state or country and discuss them
  • Giki is where you can list the agenda and events of people involved in governance
  • Giki is where you can track the projects that matter to you
  • Giki is where you build forums to redesign governance
  • Giki is where you can build visions with the community
  • Giki is also where you can ask the people to vote on issues that are important for all
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Malaysia Malaysia
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People from Malaysia

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Track Projects in Malaysia
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Redesign Governance

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Create Community Visions

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Ask the people

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