"A Noble Cause"

Hello friends, I urge everyone to plant as many saplings as possible..The mission is to plant around 10 million trees by october in and around INDIA which has been laid down by the NGO - 'The Art of Living' who are working with the UN actively.This is firstly regarding our love and the care for trees which we have and secondly its for the day-by-day onslaught which the world is facing due to the condition of the roads, the form of dust,smoke,effluents and other harmful substances..and of course the amount of increasing vehicles everyday and their emissions.The best possible soln we thought was of trees which benefit us in every possible way.. firstly they provide 'fresh air' to us giving a pleasant feeling all the day and..secondly,make the environment and the surroundings 'green'..So,it would be really good if we helped the world by starting at an individual level i.e. starting with Pune.Hence,I urge everyone to plant saplings..atleast bring back the heritage and culture or rather restore the 'GREEN PUNE' perspective of people..thirdly to make Pune a better to live in..lets not take Pune for granted and I request everyone to take an initiative to plant as many saplings as possible.A few friends of mine and me are already working on this mission by concentrating on Pune.So,lets join hands and make.. "PUNE GREEN" and a better to live in.

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