P.J. Joseph

Kerala Congress The Kerala Congress is a political party in Kerala, India.The Founder of the party is K M George, from Vazhakulam,
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Muvattupuzha. The party has its roots in the Indian National Congress. The party is traditionally dominated by the Christian minority in the state. The main vote bank of the party is the farming community in Kottayam, Idukki and some other districts.

The Kerala Congress has suffered severe divisions and several parallel outfits have emerged, all claiming the name 'Kerala Congress'. Splinter-groups include Kerala Congress (Mani), Kerala Congress (Joseph), Kerala Congress (Balakrishna Pillai), Kerala Congress (Jacob), and Kerala Congress (Secular). The group that has retained the official recognition by the Election Commission of India to the name is the grouping led by P.J. Joseph. Thus it is often called Kerala Congress (Joseph). The party is a constituent of the Left Democratic Front. In the 2004 Lok Sabha polls, the party won the Idukki seat. The party now has two seats in the Lok Sabha with the merger of P.C. Thomas's Indian Federal Democratic Party. The party won 2 seats in 2001 Kerala Legislative Assembly polls. It had fielded 6 candidates ahead of the 2006 Assembly elections, and 4 were successful. P J Joseph, the chairman of KC (Joseph) was sworn in as the minister for Public Works. However, ahead of the polls the party suffered yet another split, with P.C. George forming his own Kerala Congress (Secular). There is a move for a United Kerala Congress from Kerala Congress (Mani), Kerala Congress (Balakrishna Pillai), Kerala Congress (Jacob), and Kerala Congress (Secular). more about kerala congress(Joseph)

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15th Lok Sabha MP's of the Kerala Congress (Joseph)Edit

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