Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha Constituency

Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha Constituency (No:14), located in Tamil Nadu

A.C.Pavarasu , is the candidate of viduthalai cheruthaikal katchi, been supported by DMK, Congress, PMK, Kongu, Muslim league and has the bigest chance of winning.

Past Members of the Lok Sabha Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

The list of MP's from past election for Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha Constituency is given below.

Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha Constituency shows a lot of signs of:

The poll was created at 20:31 on April 23, 2009, and so far 1 people voted.

Issues in Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

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Development Agenda for Kallakurichi (TN) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

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