While electorates are geographical regions for electing a representative, governments do not recognize that as an unit of administration. Different departments of government at the same level have different zones to administer. The result- un-coordinated growth, uneven infrastructure and unsustainable development.

For example:

  • The various ministries: education, energy, transportation, urban development, environment, health.. do not have the same geographical units for planning and coordination. It is impossible to address health issues in an educational "zone".
  • New Zealand has about 18 regions in the local government sense (dealing with air quality, water flow, noxious plants, public transport, regional parks, ...), about twice that number of health board districts, about 70 territorial authorities (some of which have the same powers as regional councils), numerous liquor licensing trusts, all of which have members elected triennially by the citizens.
  • Chandigarh is the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana and a Union Territory. The jurisdiction of the state, union territory and local governments is a puzzle for a wizard to solve. The capital of India Delhi has a similar story- it has a city government, it is a Union Territory and has the national government.

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