The JNNURM Community Participation Fund toolkit format for proposals and endorsement etc can be downloaded from the JNNURM website (whats new link). For Pune, the project proposals are to be submitted to Mr Ashok Kalamkar, Jt Municipal Commissioner, Urban Community Development Dept, PMC, in addition to submitting one copy directly to the JNNURM Mission Directorate.

The JNNURM was launched in December 2005. Its aim is to strengthen cities to be

Economically productive

It has two sub-missions

Infrastructure and Governance
Basic services to the urban poor

Communities and JNNURM The JNNURM aims to promote

Greater decentralization
Local democracy
Citizens’ participation

Some of the Mandatory Reforms under JNNURM include:

Community Participation Law (area sabha)
Public Disclosure Law
Enabling Community Participation

JNNURM Community Participation Fund Maximum amount of assistance = Rs 10 lakhs Community contribution required:

= 5% from urban poor communities
= 10% other communities
should try to obtain from as many beneficiaries as possible
can be from philanthropic bodies / individuals but not contractors
MP, MLA, corporator funds or govt grants cannot be used for this

Time duration of projects = 6 months to 1 year

Type of Projects - Examples Solid waste management Community biogas installation and use Group water distribution Creche Special centres for elderly people Building / rebuilding local vegetable market Regulate hawker zones Traffic safety around schools Legal education resource centre (Religious focus projects are not allowed)

Who can Apply Residents associations Neighbourhood Groups Youth Clubs Market Committees

(but not SHGs)

Community Process

  • Community consultation to select project
  • Proposal should identify who will implement
  • Consent of at least 51% of voters in that polling booth for project and implementing agency
  • Prepare project document (implementing agency can do this)
  • Proposal must be signed by Corporator and 51% voters
  • Voters must also agree to form an Area Sabha
NGOs, municipality, private sector or other govt organizations are not eligible to apply though they may be implementing agencies

Formats and Submission Details

Project proposals are to be submitted in English

The project proposal, endorsements etc are to be submitted in specified formats

The entire toolkit, project formats and details of project submission may be downloaded from'snew/CPF_Toolkit.pdf

Contact Details

PMC Cell - Community Participation Fund
C/o Mr Ashok Kalamkar
Jt Municipal Commissioner
Pune Municipal Corporation
Shivaji Nagar
Pune 411005
Project Appraisal Committee
Joint Secretary (UD)
JNNURM Mission Directorate
Ministry of Urban Development
Nirman Bhawan
New Delhi 110001

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