The Voters guideline on the Election Commission of India Web Site says:

"Any eligible person can file claim in Form No. 6 for inclusion of his name in the roll or raise an objection to somebody’s name or for deletion of his or any other person's name in Form No. 7. Similarly if any particulars in the electoral roll are to be modified such as name, house number, middle name, last name, age, sex, epic number etc. a claim in Form No. 8 can be filed. In case any elector has changed his house from the polling area of one booth to other booth in the same Assembly Constituency he can file application in Form No. 8A for change/transposition from one electoral part to other part."

The Jaagore Web Site allows you to generate these forms online, print them out, attach a proof of identity and proof of residence and submit to the Appropriate Electoral Registration Officer.

If you are a voter in Maharashtra you can look up your name on the voter list here


  • Many of the Electoral Registration Officers have changed, their names have not been updated.
  • While the officer may be listed the offices where these forms are collected are often at a different location.
  • Many election offices (eg. Pune, at the PMC) refuse to take the Jaagore generated forms and are asking citizens to fill up Form ECI-EPIC-001A. When they are told that the Voter Card is not required, it is the inclusion in the roll that is important, other valid Photo-ID's can be used to identify the voter, they still do not accept Jaagore generated forms under ordinary circumstances.
  • The alternate on-line mechanism at Maharashtra State Cheif Election Officer is a great idea but there is no acknowledgment and there is no guarantee that the process actually works.

Denial of Right to VoteEdit

Despite your best efforts you may have been denied the right to vote. Please list the reasons cited for denial here so that groups wishing to seek redressal can find them in one place.

NGO's and RTI activists are planning countrywide RTI on denial of your Right to Representation of People under his Act. Contact: Please add the relevant NGO's Contact here.

You may file an RTI yourself. The questions you may ask include:

  • Name and contact details of the officer who was responsible for checking your application
  • Whether the application has been rejected ? If so name and contact details of the officer who rejected the application
  • Under what rule or norms, did he reject the application.
  • If the rejection was not illegal, by when will action be taken under provision of Representation of People's act against the person who rejected the application illegally.
  • Whether the applicant was informed of the rejection
  • If the application was not rejected why was he not registered and by when will he be registered?

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