2015. Everyone is experiencing a prosperous India. Life is hassle free and people walk around with heads high. Rabindranath Tagore’s smiles from the heavens as at last India has awakened into the heaven of freedom.

The world is acknowledging the Prime Minister’s success in dealing with the major challenges India inherited: an unsafe and insecure India, a failing economy, an hassle filled life, failed land-use management, difficulties in making right projects happen in the right place at the right time, huge leaks in spending tax rupees, an absence of citizen friendly communication, lack of citizen involvement and inability to manage risks in a troubled world.

The ten-point IT program launched in 2009 has transformed the country.

The Ten Point IT ProgramEdit

  1. One-India Card: Building a safer India
  2. Shared Information Systems: Information system across agencies and businesses to build a prosperous India
  3. Citizen Benefits: Resident accounts for single-point hassle-free governance
  4. Tracking Landuse: Vibrant and productive spaces for all
  5. Mobility: Mobility cards for hassle free green transportation
  6. Projects: Wiki to ensure right projects happen at the right place and right time
  7. Budgets: Wiki to track that every rupee well spent for the people
  8. Alerts: Broadcast channels for easy and people friendly communication
  9. Collaborative governance: Letting people matter
  10. Collaborative modeling and futures: Managing the risks of a troubled planet


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