In our karvenagar area, we have number of housing societies who do not have any association of these hsg. societies to discuss the problems faced by these societies in respect of =conveyance deeds=, ==day to day society management problems==,

security services, water/electricity problem, list of trustworthy contractors for carrying out plumbing,electical works etc.Edit

we also have some blacksheep members who are wilful defaulters for years and eventhen enjoying all facilities of the society.  how the other societies are dealing with this problem in novel ways will help other societies in the area  the legal procedure of recovery under section 91/101 is useless as the awards passed in favour of the society cannot be enforced due to delay occurs in coop. court.  you may have experienced this.  if you have executed execution of awards successfully, share it on this forum which will help other societies.

we should take lead in this regard in respect of our karvenagar area.

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