All of us are bothered with hundreds of hoarding sprouting all over our Pune. Can we do anything about it? Yes we can. First let us understand the rules re Hoardings etc.

Government Rules & Regulations for Hoardings Edit

Please help us by adding rules ( appropriately with reference if possible ) in this section.

  1. Rule no1
    1. Rule no 1.1
  2. Rule no2
  3. Rule no3
    1. Rule no 3.1
    2. Rule no 3.2

List of Authorized Hoardings Edit

Aundh Ward OfficeEdit

  1. location 1
  2. location 2 size
  3. Location 3
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Ghole Road Ward OfficeEdit

  1. 111
  2. 222

Sangamwadi Ward OfficeEdit

What Citizens can do Edit

Let us now start.

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