This page has not yet been accepted by the community as policy.

The "people" section of this wiki is intended as a supplement to WikipediaW for the purpose of public accountability, going into much greater NPOVW encyclopaedic detail as well as offering MPOV commentary. To implement and enforce this policy, we have designed the {{profile}} and {{official}} templates. {{profile}}, intended for all public figures, divides each page into three sections: verified information, unverified information, and (tentatively) uncontroversial information. {{official}}, which transcludes {{profile}}, is specially designed for government officials, both elected and appointed.


Issues are not in the scope of this section, except insofar as a public figure is involved in them and must therefore be kept accountable regarding them. Only people who have involved themselves in public affairs will be subjected to scrutiny; private information should never be published here. Finally, private information of public figures is also off-limits.

Public people: Anyone who intentionally fills a position of public decision-making is fair game (subject to consensus):

Most officials; pundits; candidates for public office; government agencies; special interest groups; lobbyists; corporate executives and shareholders.

Private people: Unless they also fill one of the above positions, these people are not to be documented, although their Wikipedia biographies may be linked:

Laborers and office-workers (government or not); criminals; victims; celebrities; your next-door neighbor; friends and relatives of public figures.

Verified informationEdit

Verified information must satisfy Wikipedia's idealsW, but with unlimited detail within our scope. It should be placed on the .../fact subpage and link to corresponding unverified sections.

Unverified informationEdit

Unverified information has a less strict set of regulations to follow but must be placed just below the {{profile}} or {{official}} template call, under the appropriate heading generated by that template. It may contain any number of contradictory opinions; however, debating is forbidden. This is not the place to prove your point or disprove someone else's; see The Opinion Wiki to do that.

Uncontroversial informationEdit

Uncontroversial information is verified but not seriously disputed by anyone, such as career information. It should be placed above the {{profile}} template call to identify the subject. This does not include information which is potentially controversial but has never seen dispute on this wiki. (I.e., we try to anticipate and avoid controversy rather than wait on it.)

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