Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency

Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency (No:75), located in Uttar Pradesh

Candidates for the current electionEdit

The list of Candidate's for the current election for Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency is given below.

Past Members of the Lok Sabha Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

The list of MP's from past election for Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency is given below.

 Member of/ContestingAffiliation
Afzal Ansari15th Lok Sabha
14th Lok Sabha
Ballo bhai alnafess
Samajwadi Party
Gauri Shankar Rai6th Lok SabhaJanata Party
Har Prasad Singh1952
2nd Lok Sabha
Indian National Congress
Manoj Sinha15th Lok Sabha
11th Lok Sabha
13th Lok Sabha
Bharatiya Janata Party
Omprakash Singh15th Lok Sabha
12th Lok Sabha
Samajwadi Party
Sarjoo Pandey4th Lok Sabha
5th Lok Sabha
Communist Party of India
V.S. Gahmari3rd Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
Vishwanath Shastri10th Lok SabhaCommunist Party of India
Zainul Basher7th Lok Sabha
8th Lok Sabha
Indian National Congress

Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency shows a lot of signs of:

The poll was created at 21:00 on April 23, 2009, and so far 4 people voted.

Issues in Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

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Development Agenda for Ghazipur (UP) Lok Sabha ConstituencyEdit

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