The School Education Board (Primary) is a committee appointed by the Pune Municipal Corporation to oversee and manage the affairs of the Municipal Schools that provide primary education (standards 1st to 7th).

There are 299 schools (operating out of 160 buildings) that cater to 90,000 students.

Information about schools in Pune (and other locations) is available on the School Report Cards site run by the Department of Educational Management Information System (EMIS, National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi.

Board MembersEdit

The current board members are

  • Sangeeta Tiwari (Congress)- Chairman
  • Vijay Renuse - (NCP)Vice Chairman
  • Milind Kamble BJP
  • Ravindra Mohite
  • Mohan Wadekar
  • Vinayak Chachar
  • Nirmala Kendhe Shiv Seva
  • Urmila Saptarshi Edu Expert
  • Bala Shedge
  • Anil Sondkar
  • Mahesh Ladkat BJP
  • Vijaykumar Kharade NCP (State Recommendation)
  • Ramesh Patil
  • Raghunath Gauda BJP
  • Ramchandra Jadhav Education Officer (Primary)
  • Mr Sudhakar Tambe, Edu Officer (Secondary)

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