Dhanori road development: Vishrantwadi to Lohagaon (via Dhanorie gaon).

Drinking water for residence on dhanori-lohagaon road.

Street lights for Dhanori-lohagaon road.

Traffic control on Dhanori-lohagaon road.

Transportation facilities on Dhanori-lohagaon road Control and monitoring of six seater with respect to people safety. Bus frequency on that route. Bus stands maintainance & availability. Time table on bus stands of all the buses. Bus Depot for control, regulation and monitor of buses

Knowledge and Awareness of people in the dhanori area about development plans and progress and responsible representatives from PMC. Public voting for carrying out activities for development plan.

Recreational placesin the dhanori area specially for kids and old aged people and for other age groups.

Play grounds for all sports events in dhanori area.

Sahara city near by