Pune Development Plan 2007

PMC has appointed Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (GIPE) as Consultant for the Project of Carrying out Demographic Projection for Pune City vide work order and letter number NAJ/J/2051 dated 08.10.2007


  1. To gather all the necessary information regarding population, census, migration, area of PMC under consideration, ward details etc.
  2. To carry out the decadal demographic projection for the city of Pune.
  3. To carry out the four half decadal population projection from 2007 to 2027 & further up to 2041.
  4. To detail out the demography by stating the number of male & female for the above projections, categorized by their age group, sex, percentage ratio, workers, non-workers, etc.
  5. To study the migration pattern, its varied percentage & project it to get its effect on the above projections.
  6. To deliver the analysis in the form of various charts & illustrations, assumptions etc. in the form of detail demographic report

GIPE has completed the demographic study and submitted its findings in the form of a report "Demographic Projection for Pune Municipal Corporation 2001-06" to the Deputy City Engineer, DP Cell, PMC on the 28th August 2008.

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