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Scope of the ProjectEdit

Mission Of ProjectEdit

To build a system which will be innovative and will be helpful to the residents of Pune and concerned officials to monitor and manage the civic projects in systematic manner.

The system will help pune citizens make life easy and smooth by upgrading their knowledge about ongoing and upcoming civic projects in city of Pune.

It will help the citizens to share thier views about the need and the progress of the projects.

Audience InvolvedEdit

  • Engineers
  • Corporator/Political Bodies
  • Contractor
  • Citizens Affected

Officials to be InvolvedEdit

  1. Dr.Anupam Saraph (CIO PUNE)
  2. Development Engineer, Corporation, Pune
  3. Corporators

Agencies Involved In Civic Project Tracking Management In PuneEdit

  1. City Development Engineer,Pune

Milestones of the ProjectEdit

  • Maintaining Update of the projects.
  • Scope of the system.
  • Find out Infomation Channels.
  • Categorization of information for presentation.
  • Designing interfaces which will be used for communication.

Need For The SystemEdit

  • Civic Project Tracking Management System is done by appointing inspection committee. There is no technology interface used to track and manage the Project carried out in the city.
  • People are not aware of the start and completion of project.
  • There is no mechanism which records problems faced due to long continued projects.
  • With the use of propsed automated system there will be reduction in cost as well as time which will help the citizens to manage and monitor the progress of the projects.

Report on Ongoing Projects in PMCEdit

July 08

Status of the ProjectEdit

Our project will help to track the civic projects happening in the city. Our aims in tne project are:

  • Provide a way to get inputs for our project.
The suggested solution for this problem,taking information from the respective authorities from the city.So we are getting appointments of the authority.
  • Making the use of that information for processing and generating outputs accordingly.
Technology for activities will be decided and implementation of project will be done in later state. (ex: we will try to implement twitter for project related tweet)
  • Submission for this project
We have submission of this project in the month of March. This final document will be presented using this status information.

Links to other parts of projectEdit

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