PRELIMINARY 1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Specifications of larger urban areas and constitution of corporations

3A. Deleted CHAPTER II

PRELIMINARY 4. Municipal Authorities charged with execution of the Act

5. Constitution of Corporation

5A. Reservation of seats

5B. Person contesting election for reserved seat to submit Caste

Certificate and Validity Certificate

6A. Term of Office of Councillors

6B. Election to constitute a Corporation

7. Resignation of office by Councillor

7A1. Deleted Municipal Election Roll

7A. Preparation of Municipal election roll

7AA. Deleted

7AAA. Deleted

7B. Enrolment in municipal election roll Qualifications and disqualifications of voters and Councillors

8. Persons qualified to vote

9. Qualification for Election as Councillor

10. Disqualification for being a Councillor

11. Disabilities from continuing as Councillor

12. Questions as to disqualification to be determined by the Judge

13. Liability of Councillors to removal

Election of Councillors 14. State Election Commission

14A. Power of State Election Commissioner to issue directions to prevent impersonation

15. Casual vacancies how to be filled

16. Election petitions

17. Deleted

18. Procedure if election fails or is set aside

19. Mayor and Deputy Mayor CHAPTER IX


The Municipal Fund 88. Purpose for which Municipal Fund is to be applied

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