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In 2006, a new initiative; a retreat for promising young leaders of Asia, aimed at building a better future for the citizens of Asia, was launched by the Nippon Group of Foundations, in cooperation with Peking University of China and the Information and Resource Center of Singapore.

The Nippon Foundation and its affiliates, such as the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Tokyo Foundation, have, over the last 25 years, supported and implemented a variety of people exchange and human resource development projects. Almost 30,000 alumni of these projects now represent a vast and diverse pool of talent that spans the globe. To build upon this outstanding record of private philanthropy, the Nippon Foundation Group has started a process of harnessing the energy of young Asians with follow-up activities that seek to promote and deepen continuous interaction between and among the participants of these past projects.

An academic committee comprising scholars and experts from various Asian countries was formed to initiate a new retreat program with the objective of bringing together a select group of past beneficiaries from the people exchange and human resource development projects in Asian countries, for the purpose of encouraging continuous interactions among those who were from the same projects, or by creating new links and enhancing relationships between those from different projects.

This new initiative is called – “Building a Better Asia: Future Leaders’ Dialogue”. Its ultimate objective is to nurture future leaders of Asia from this vast and diverse pool of human resource so that they can contribute to the building of a better Asia and a safer world in the future.

The first program was held in September 2006 in Peking University. Participants came from various countries in Asia and spent a week interacting with one another and were given opportunities to meet well-known scholars, political and business leaders. There were also out-of-classroom activities. The theme in 2006 was “Reconciliation Reconsidered” and focused on issues such as Development and Governance, Political Transition, Media, Innovation and Technology and Civil Society.

The discussions were aimed at deepening the participants’ knowledge of a set of emerging issues in Asia and to foster the art of leadership in problem solving. In addition, group work for the purpose of enhancing long-lasting relationships among the participants was encouraged.

Due to the good response and tremendous success of the first retreat in Peking University, the promoters decided to organize two annual retreats for FY2007-08, one each in China and India. The retreat in China was hosted by Peking University from 9-16 September 2007, and the retreat in India was held at the International Centre Goa from 16-24 February 2008. The theme for the 2007-08 retreats was –“Building the Common Good in Asia” and continued to focus on issues such as Economic and Social Disparities, Promoting Social Security, Sustainable Development, Participatory Mobility, Capacity Building and Efficient Governance. In FY2008-09, the fourth retreat was held from 26 October to 2 November 2008 hosted by Peking University, Beijing, China.

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