Adams County Public Hospital District #2 was formed in 1945 under provision provided by the Washington State Legislature. The law authorized the formation of districts to construct, maintain, and operate hospitals and related health facilities. Adams County Memorial Hospital (as it was known then) opened on April 7, 1952, and was funded by federal Hill Burton funds and local General obligation Bonds payable over ten years. The hospital is under the direction of its Board of Commissioners. The five commissioners are publicly elected for varying terms to maintain continuity.

With the addition of the Othello Hospital to the hospital district in 1958, a name change was in order for the hospital in Ritzville. The new name was Ritzville Memorial Hospital. In 1985 the hospital district was divided, creating Adams County Public Hospital Districts #2 and #3. District #2 serves the communities of Ritzville, Lind, and Washtucna and encompasses an area of 1500 square miles.

In 1970 a medical clinic was built in Ritzville. The clinic was funded mostly by stock sales to private citizens. In March 1979 the clinic was purchased by the hospital district.

The hospital in Ritzville provides heath care for all of east Adams County and is supported by tax levies paid by residents of east Adams County. To emphasize this, the name of the hospital was changed to East Adams Rural Hospital in 1991. In 1992 clinics were established in Washtucna and Lind.


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